Our Approach


Hannah's Hope House's vision is to transform the lives of children and family’s experiencing homelessness through comprehensive street outreach that restores dignity and assists families in reaching their housing and life goals.


Hannah's Hope House's mission is to partner alongside our city in making the experience of homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring through Prevention, Assistance & Restoration.


Provide essential care packages to families that are in need.

Help decrease the number of families becoming homeless.

Help provide skills training to individuals to obtain gainful employment.

Bridge the gap in services and resources for individuals returning to society after being incarcerated.


• Identify, engage and assess families in need of services

• Refer families to needed services and resources

• Host skills training opportunities

• Host job fairs

• Document, contact and collect required documentation for referred programs and services.

As Hannah's Hope House works as a partnership with other non-profits toward reducing homelessness, families experiencing homelessness may access a variety of our events and services to meet their basic needs, such as:

• Meals To Go

• Laundry Day

• Care Packages

• Showers

• Emergency Shelter

• Life After Shelter

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