About Hannah

Hannah’s Hope House is a non-profit organization that serves homeless and transitioning families in Jacksonville and surrounding communities.

Our mission is to partner alongside our city in making the experience of homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring through Prevention, Assistance & Restoration.

We desire to SPREAD HOPE by Implementing Solutions to Reduce Homelessness.

Hannah’s Hope House was inspired one afternoon in 2020 while traveling through downtown Jacksonville.

Hannah, at the tender age of ten, was touched and moved to tears by the state of the many homeless citizens huddled in corners for a place to rest or biding their time in a line for a decent meal. Her immediate thoughts were, ‘I must do something to help.’

She asked her parents if she could stop to give, hoping it would help. From that day on, she reasoned that much more could be done. She began planning and organizing a coat drive. And with the help of family, friends, and donations from local and surrounding communities, the coat drive has become an annual event.

So far, Hannah’s Hope House has collected and donated over 700 coats, socks, and other essentials. Our most recent event partnered with Dedicated Seniors Medical Center, Wellness on Wheels, and other organizations to administer vaccines, medical assistance, and other local human resources and services.

Hannah’s Hope House recently launched an adopt a school program that assists local students and their families who are experiencing homelessness with essentials and resources to aid in transitioning to stability free of discrimination.

At Hannah’s Hope House, we believe that ‘everyone matters.’

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